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On this page you will find three or four exciting new NNEC evangelism projects waiting to be launched. Unlike other NNEC evangelism efforts, these projects use a crowd funding model where you vote with your wallet. If you see a project that excites you, support it. We’ll follow up with information on how the project worked in the “news” section of the website and in the conference newsletter, the CoNNECtion.  


Project 1:  Piloting the “Messy Church” Model

$2000 to launch*,  ________ remaining

“Messy Church” is an evangelism effort tailored to young children and their parents. Essentially, a church dedicates one Sabbath a month to inviting in young kids and having what amounts to a VBS church, where there are (messy!) crafts with a spiritual theme. The kids spend the morning and a bit of the afternoon at church and have a blast while learning about Jesus. They also get fed lunch. Their parents, meanwhile, get to relax in church and make new friends. The idea behind this project is to pilot this concept at two churches in the conference and see if it works. If it works, then representatives from other churches in the conference will attend a Messy Church Sabbath and get trained in how the program is run. Funds will pay for program costs and advertising and the program will last for six months in two churches. Help launch this project. (*matched by $2,000 from Conference Evangelism Fund).  DONATE TODAY.

Project 2:

To Be Announced

Project 3:

To Be Announced