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n this page you will usually find three or four worthy student projects that may interest you.  It can be argued that there is no better evangelism tool than Adventist education, but this argument is often countered by the fact that Adventist education is expensive.  Paying for Adventist education is often beyond the reach of new church members, especially those with large families and a modest salary.  On this page, you will find kids who cannot attend Adventist schools without assistance.  Because of privacy concerns, we can only give you general information about the kids.  But if the Spirit moves you, please help move them toward the launch of their Adventist education.  

Project 1:   Boy Needs Help Through End of 2015/16 School Year

$800 to launch*,  ________ remaining

There is a boy in the western part of the conference whose parents are really struggling financially. They hope their situation will improve by next year, but for this boy to stay in school and complete the 2015/2016 school year, $800 needs to be quickly raised. Help launch this project. DONATE TODAY.


Project 2:

To Be Announced

Project 3:

To Be Announced