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Ledgeview Memorial Home, is an Adventist rest home, owned by Larry Wilday, on Route 26, just south of Trap Corner. At Trap Corner is the Maine Mineral Store, of interest to rock hounds and visited by thousands of tourists from all over the country. Going north on Route 26, about two and a half miles on the right (indicated by a funeral home sign and a church sign), leads to the Woodstock Seventh-day Adventist Church. This is one of the oldest churches in the denomination, organized in 1864. The original church was destroyed by fire, and has been replaced twice. Visitors in this area over the Sabbath will be welcomed at the church.Washington, NH Church


At the town of Washington, in Southern New Hampshire, is the oldest church in the denomination, built in 1842. Summer services are still held in the church. This is also where the Sabbath Trail is located.
  In the graveyard are the graves of a number of the Farnsworth Family, who were pioneers of the Sabbath Truth, and prominent in early Adventist history. Look for the historical marker indicating the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
  West Wilton, a small village in Southern New Hampshire, is the birth place of Uriah Smith. The house still stands. Exeter and Kingston, New Hampshire are localities where large Millerite camp meetings were held.
  In New Ipswich, New Hampshire, Leonard Hastings left his potatoes in the field, expecting the return of Jesus in 1844.


While in Northern New England the visitor might wish to see some of the attractions that have made this region such a popular vacation spot.


* Camden, Route 1, with its famous ocean harbor at the foot of the mountains.
* Acadia National Park, east of Ellsworth. Spectacular Mount Cadillac (free auto road to summit) and other places of interest in the Park.
* Baxter State Park, in the interior of Maine, off the main highways, restricted camping. Not commercialized.


* The White Mountains are the chief attraction of the state. Franconia Notch, with its famous Old Man, and the ride up Cannon Mountain; Pinkham Notch, with the auto road up Mt. Washington; and Crawford Notch, site of the 1826 landslide, are places worth visiting.


* Burlington Church, now known as the Williston Church, was the first Sabbath School to vote funds for mission fields. It is also former house of the Vermont Conference.
* William Miller Home - Four miles west of Fairhaven, Vermont, in a place formerly called Low Hampton, New York, is the home of William Miller and the William Miller Chapel, with the Miller graves nearby.


Maine Office of Tourism
59 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333
800-624-6345 or
State of New Hamshire, Division of Tourism & Travel
PO Box 1856, Concord, NH 03302
800-FUN-IN-NH, ext. 169 or
Vermont Department of Tourism & Marketing
6 Baldwin St, Drawer 33, Montperlier, VT 05633
800-VERMONT or


As you have traveled around our Conference territory perhaps you have wondered what it would be like to live here. You may want to join the ever-increasing number of Adventists who are leaving the large cities to move to a more quiet rural area.
  Northern New England is a wonderful place to live, to work, and to witness for God in these last days.
  The climate is invigorating. Many areas are quite free from hay fever and there is minimal pollution. Maine is the only state having no poisonous snakes. Most people who move here find employment quickly. Our churches are not so big that you will feel lost in the congregation and there is plenty of opportunity to engage in missionary activities. The Conference will gladly give information on the location of churchs and schools. Today quite large numbers of people are becoming interested in modern pioneering and outdoor living. Our three states are ideal places for this way of life.
  For those who prefer a more sophisticated type of living we have many small cities, some of which have no Adventist presence.
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